A Senior Session Weekend in Minnesota

I live in Colorado now. A month ago I was in Minnesota, anxiously awaiting my move and uncertain of how my business would look. Two weeks before I moved, I had my first, and only one of two summer senior sessions in Minnesota. I was a little bummed, but my focus was on other things, such as my move and handling the business side of things. These feelings changed as soon as I started Hailey's senior session. We started our first day at the Sibley Historic Site in Mendota, Minnesota. This is one of my go to places for sunny afternoons since there are a lot of trees and a variety of different backdrops.

Hailey was an absolute natural and made my job SO easy. She added her own flare to the prompts I provided her with and absolutely crushed it. Hailey is a talented dancer, so we also had some fun with a couple dance poses.

For the second day of our session, we went to Whitetail Woods Regional Park in Farmington, Minnesota. Because of Covid, as well as construction at the park, we had the whole place to ourselves. For this session, we wanted golden hour and we could not have gotten better weather. The sun was bright and beautifully shining through the trees. Hailey has the kindest, sweetest personality and the warmth of the sun truly helped show off Hailey's personality.

This year is a crazy time for students and especially high school seniors. I hope that I was able to bring a little sense of normalcy to the start of Hailey's senior year and create images that she loves and that her family will cherish forever! Have a fantastic senior year, Hailey!